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April 6, 1997

Divine Mercy Sunday


Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says: "Praise be Jesus, Alleluia! Dear children, pray with me now that God's Mercy will overcome all evil in the world."


"Dear children, I come to you today so that you will love and have compassion for your fellow man. It is God's Mercy and God's Love that sends me to you once again. I want you to know, dear children, that Satan flees before the image, Mary, Refuge of Holy Love."


"Make sure, my daughter, to tell the people that this image in your apartment vanquished the fire in the apartment complex."


"Dear children, pray always for the lukewarm, for they are a particular sword in the Heart of My Son. Today I am blessing you with my Blessing of Holy Love."




May 4, 1997


Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: "Praise be Jesus. Please understand, my daughter, it is pride that draws people off the path of Holy Love in every instance. Pride is the marauder that steals the sheep from the flock and from under the watchful eye of the Good Shepherd."


"Those of my children firmly implanted in the Refuge of my Immaculate Heart will see Holy Love as the course of every action and the basis of every decision. See that the tide of controversy around my mission of Holy Love is really an attack on my Immaculate Heart.


"Because I am victorious in the end, the malefactor will not succeed. He is basing his attack on intellectual pride, but the intellect is not your salvation. Holy Love is your salvation."


"Spiritual pride and spiritual envy are enemies of the soul. God loves and favors the simple and humble soul. Many may long to see me through love in their hearts. But those who long to see me with envious hearts need to repent."


"The Flame of my Heart is given to this generation as a cleansing and purifying Flame. It is preparing all who will partake for the coming of my Royal Son -- the Priest of all, the One without stain or blemish, the King and Redeemer of all people and all nations. My coming to you is but a humble beginning. My visits are meant to bring you into this Refuge of Holy Love -- My Heart."


"To draw the proud and unbelieving souls into this Refuge, you will witness many events unforeseen and unprecedented. Look to this Image (Mary, Refuge of Holy Love) for the unexpected, as I summon the world to conversion. My daughter I impart to you my Blessing of Holy Love."




March 17, 1998

Dedication of Homes


Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: "Praise be Jesus, truly and ever present in the tabernacles of the world. My daughter, I have come, as I desire to come into every home, under this Image of Holy Love."


"Let it be your goal to have this Image accepted in every home and every heart. I will give you the prayer now that will strengthen and unite families and convict hearts. Dedicate your homes to Me, and I will vanquish evil therein."


Dedication of Homes to Mary, Refuge of Holy Love


Mary, my Mother, my Fortress - Refuge of Holy Love - sanctify this home through Holy Love. Open each heart that dwells herein to holiness. Lead us along the path of Holy Love. Be victorious over any evil, whether it be an unknown force within these walls, a seductive habit, or some voluntary attachment we have chosen ourselves. Make this home a sanctuary of Holy Love. Amen.